Best of 2019

What a year...

Roadie Roulette

All the covers you love and, um, love. Otherwise you wouldn't have clicked this link...


We know 'Nu' love it...


We're back, and ruder than ever...

Epic Tracks

Another Spotify Playlist to make your day s fly by until the next Powerzone show...

Power Metal

Our bread & butter

Best of 2019

Holy moly, that’s a big ‘un!

Festive Favourites!

Here’s some of our festive favourite tunes to help you get ready for the holidays.

Drinkin' Metal

Huzzah! Another POWERZONE playlist for you to enjoy/endure!

Thrash Metal

Get ready to bang your heads!

Pirate Metal

A pirate themed playlist

Folk/Viking Metal

This time we’re focusing on Folk / Viking metal

Black Metal

Here’s a Spotify playlist for you to enjoy!