Show #349

July 9, 2022

It seems like ages ago that we said we wouldn't be doing any more of these, but we've still got to get to that magic number, 350, before we call it quits. So that makes this weeks show our penultimate one!

And it's pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Just check out that tracklist! We've got new stuff from Lordi, Alestorm, Victorius, Riptide, Tailgunner, Thrashatouille, Tankard, Municipal Waste, Brymir and GWAR, plus we've got old NWOBHM stuff in our returning 'Overload!' feature including some rarities.

Of course, we talk about the M2TM North Wales Final and play our competing bands and headliners. Sit in a sauna with a beer while you listen for a little taste of that experience!

We're not back next week (though likely and old show will play out), but we will be back the following week with a new show, our last one. we hope you can join us for that!

Cheers! - GoM

Originally aired on Scotland Rocks Radio 9/7/22


Show #349.jpg

Rammstein - Du Hast (English Version)
Lordi - Reel Monsters
Hevisaurus - Katakombi-Zombi
Alestorm - Return To Tortuga
Red Rum - Sailor Jerry
Victorius - Jurassic Jetfighters
Freedom Call - Mother Earth
RipTide - Smoke
Tailgunner - Guns For Hire
Apollyon - Life's Conclusion [Epic Track]
OmegaThrone - Damn You Abraham
Thrashatouille - Brain Freeze [Volt Track]
Bad Earth - Bastard Ancestry
Gauntlet - Welcome To My Nightmare
Dragon Eyes - Crimson Blood
Tankard - Beerbarians
Municipal Waste - Demoralizer
Brymir - Voices In The Sky
Whispered - Victory Grounds Nothing
GWAR - New Dark Age
Ghoul - Word Is Law
Wikkyd Vikker - Black Of The Night [Overload!]
Excalibur - Fight [Overload!]
Hell - Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us (1983 Version) [Overload!]
Lich King - Hot For Teacher (Van Halen Cover) [Roadie Roulette Track]


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