Show #345

June 11, 2022

Unfortunately, we weren't able to attend Download, but we still enjoyed a festival of metal nonetheless with this weeks POWERZONE show! And now you can too!

Maybe you're on your way to work (or returning from a festival) and want something great to listen to on your travels? Well, we've got two hours of superb tracks, including new stuff from Cry For Mercy, Trollfest, Xandria, Crematory, Alestorm, Kingcrown, The Halo Effect, Decapitated, Tailgunner, Bloodywood and Fozzy, amongst others.

Check out the playlist below, give the play button a click and turn up the volume. If there's anything you particularly liked, or if you want to request something for a subsequent show, drop us a message on our FACEBOOK page.

Back next week with another cracker at the usual times. Cheers! - GoM \m/

Originally aired on Scotland Rocks Radio 11/6/22


Show #345.jpg

Cry For Mercy - Don't Let Me Down
Trollfest - All Drinks On Me
Korpiklaani - Øl Øl (feat. Trollfest)
Xandria - Reborn
The Dark Element - Songs The Night Sings
Crematory - Tränen Der Zeit
Oomph! - Labyrinth
Alestorm - The Battle Of Cape Fear River
Rumahoy - Ahoy!
Bal-Sagoth - The Splendour Of A Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath The Blazon Of The Hyperborean Empire [Epic Track]
Runeshard - Atlantean Sword
Gloryhammer - Universe On Fire [Volt Track]
Kingcrown - To The Sky And Back
The Halo Effect - The Needless End
The Last Reign - Ironclad Torment
Decapitated - Iconoclast
Cannibal Corpse - Red Before Black
Tailgunner - Shadows Of War
Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying
Bloodywood - Aaj
ill Niño - I Am Loco
Metallica - The Memory Remains [WATT Year]
Rammstein - Spiel Mit Mir [WATT Year]
Children Of Bodom - Touch Like Angel Of Death [WATT Year]
Fozzy - Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover)


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