Show #342

May 14, 2022

Now that all the excitement from Eurovision has died down, lets get back to more metal matters, eh? If you missed the show (and if i'm honest, I did too. Love a bit of Eurovision!) then you're in luck: it's here, and it's ready for you to listen and hopefully enjoy.

This weeks show has superb new tracks from Alestorm, Triddana, Fozzy, Battlelore, Powerwolf, Kreator and a host of great tunes to accompany them. Did Joe guess the WATT YEAR track correctly? Would you? Give it a go and let us know. We're on FACEBOOK , which is also the place you can send us your requests.

We'll be back next week with another new show before the Roadie takes over for another week. Cheers! - GoM

Originally aired on Scotland Rocks Radio 14/2/22


Show #342.jpg

Sinergy - Return To The Fourth World
Alestorm - P.A.R.T.Y.
Rumahoy - Pirateship
Triddana - The Ground of The Fallen
Skiltron - Between My Grave And Yours
Fozzy - The Vulture Club
Black Label Society - Black Mass Reverends
Battlelore - Chamber Of Fire
Crimfall - Wayward Verities
Finntroll - Nattfödd [Epic Track]
Trollfest - Deildegasten
Dream Evil - Children Of The Night [Volt Track]
Freedom Call - Spirit Of Daedalus
Powerwolf - Venom Of Venus (Live)
Mystic Prophecy - Dracula
Amberian Dawn - Looking For You
Nightwish - Over The Hills And Far Away (Gary Moore Cover)
Kreator - Midnight Sun
Slayer - Disciple
U.D.O. - Breaking Down The Borders
Primal Fear - Along Came The Devil
Pantera - This Love [WATT Year]
Fear Factory - Scapegoat [WATT Year]
Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark [WATT Year]
Amon Amarth - Aerials (System Of A Down Cover)


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