Show #325

Jan. 8, 2022

Another new show is here! Our first proper one of the year actually, and its ready for your enjoyment. Give it a click and listen to all the latest tunes from The Ferrymen, Amorphis, Rhapsody Of Fire, Aephanemer, Wizardthrone, Stahlmann, Kissin' Dynamite, Lordi and Tailgunner. Of course, we've got our usual mix of other great stuff too, 2 hours of it for you!

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Originally aired 8/1/22 on Scotland Rocks Radio


PZ Playlist 080122.jpg

The Ferrymen - The Last Wave
Amorphis - The Moon
Insomnium - While We Sleep
Power Paladin - Kraven The Hunter
Striker - Position Of Power
Rhapsody Of Fire - Un'Ode Per L'Eroe
Nightwish - Sleeping Sun (2005 Version)
Manowar - Battle Hymn
Sabaton - Man Of War
Aephanemer - Roots And Leaves [Epic Track]
Wizardthrone - The Coalescence Of Nine Stars In The System Once Known As Markarian-231
Deathstars - Death Dies Hard [Volt Track]
Stahlmann - Sonnenreich
Kissin' Dynamite - Yoko Ono
Pink Cream 69 - Walls Come Down
Tankard - Die With A Beer In Your Hand
Overkill - Armorist
Lordi - Beast Of Both Worlds
Gwar - Let Us Slay
Tailgunner - Guns For Hire [Overload!]
Enforcer - Kiss Of Death [Overload!]
Wolf - Skull Crusher [Overload!]
Heidevolk - Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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