Show #315

Oct. 2, 2021

This weeks show is here, and it's a good 'un. The nights are drawing in, as the year comes to an end, so we thought we'd do a show to brighten your nights. This one contains one of our classic features, the Piratey themed 'Jolly Rogered' which is always fun. Plus, the new tracks from the likes of Thulcandra, Tales Of The Old, Till Lindemann, Kissin' Dynamite, Blazon Stone, Storm Seeker, Running Wild & Kryptos were pretty awesome. Of course, if that still isn't enough for you, there are tracks in the playlist from Iron Maiden, Memories Of Old, Riptide, Shrapnel and many more to keep your head banging.

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We're back next week with more awesome tunes. And I should know, I just put the playlist together with a massive Oktoberfest hangover. Prost!

PZ Playlist 021021.jpg

Originally aired on Scotland Rocks Radio 2/10/21


Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Tales Of The Old - Heavens In War
Memories Of Old - The Land Of Xia
Thulcandra - Funeral Pyre
Watain - De Profundis
Till Lindemann - Ich Hasse Kinder
Die Krupps - Destination Doomsday
Drakum - Ragman
Eluveitie - Divico
Borknagar - Up North [Epic Track]
ICS Vortex - The Blackmobile
Pink Cream 69 - Walls Come Down [Volt Track]
Kissin' Dynamite - What Goes Up
Blazon Stone - Endless Fire Of Hate [Jolly Rogered]
Raging Fate - Bloodstained Gold [Jolly Rogered]
Storm Seeker - Shoot This Ship Down [Jolly Rogered]
Running Wild - The Shellback [Jolly Rogered]
Messenger - Privateer's Hymn [Jolly Rogered]
Rumproof - Rumproof [Jolly Rogered]
Kryptos - Dawnbreakers [Overload!]
Riptide - Masters Of The Apocalypse [Overload!]
Shrapnel - Salt The Earth [Overload!]
Nanowar Of Steel - Heavy Metal Kibbles [Roadie Roulette]

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