Show #312

Sept. 11, 2021

A new week, a new show! So, this week we were out and about at a cracking gig while the show was aired (find out more about this on Saturday's show). However, if you missed our show too, you can enjoy it at your leisure from now! It's packed full of metal goodies for your pleasure, and all you need to do is click the link. Lovely stuff.

This weeks show features new tunes from Iron Maiden, Beast In Black, Rhapsody Of Fire, Rage, Callus & Kryptos, and if that's not enough for you, amongst others, we have superb new tunes from British based bands such as Aonia, Paradise Lost, Famyne, Battle Born and Wretched Soul. Definitely worth a headbang.

Back on Saturday with a brand new show, but this week's show is also going out again today at 3pm, perfect if you're on the school run with a little metalhead, right?

As usual, any requests or comments can be directed here.

Originally aired on Scotland Rocks Radio 11/9/21


Iron Maiden - Days Of Future Past
Beast In Black - Moonlight Rendezvous
Follow The Cipher - The Pioneer
Rhapsody Of Fire - Magic Signs
Twilight Force - Gates Of Glory
Rage - Monetary Gods
Almanac - Children Of The Sacred Path
Fejd - Strilja
Lumsk - I Trollehender
Callus - Molar Crown [Epic Track]
Alien Weaponry - Ahi Kā
Exodus - Blood In Blood Out [Volt Track]
Kryptos - Raging Steel
Paradise Lost - Blood & Chaos
Famyne - Faustus
Battle Born - Man Of War [Cheese Sandwich]
Teräsbetoni - Taivas Lyö Tulta
Aonia - Eye Of The Storm
Kosmogonia - Dionysian Song
Dio - The Last In Line
Wretched Soul - Necromancer [Overload!]
Lonewolf - Another Star Means Another Death [Overload!]
Grave Digger - Hell Funeral [Overload!]
Lagerstein - Down Under (Men At Work Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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