Show #305

July 17, 2021

Due to an unfortunate bout of illness picked up at the one social event I attended in 18 months, this one has been a bit delayed. Recorded before symptoms but not put out for a while, this show was, we've been told, excellent. Aside from the many new tunes, from bands like Fear Factory, Violblast, Alien Weaponry, Ex Deo, Nergard, Enforcer, Vulture, Wizardthrone, Pain and Powerwolf, we also feature a slight gig review from the recent North Wales M2TM final. (Well done to all involved, a great time was had by all, even if I managed to get riddled with Covid somehow).

Since I've been ill, I haven't been able to record, but I'm all good now so we'll get back to it soon. We'll have a new show for you on Saturday 31st July (but tune in for an awesome older show this coming Saturday too!)

For any comments or requests, please contact us in the usual way, HERE.

Love to you all, thanks for the nice get well comments! - GoM

Originally aired on Scotland Rocks Radio 17/7/21

Fear Factory - Recode
Violblast - Lazarus Abandoned
Dyscarnate - Iron Strengthens Iron
Alien Weaponry - Tangaroa
Ex Deo - Imperator
Nergard - From The Cradle To The Grave
Nightwish - Last Ride Of The Day
Asenblut - Irminsul
Amon Amarth - Cry Of The Black Birds
Týr - Wings Of Time [Epic Track]
Grimner - Morkrets Hem
Iron Mask - I Don't Forget, I Don't Forgive [Volt Track]
Magic Kingdom - Wizards And Witches
Enforcer - Kiss Of Death
Vulture - Flee The Phantom
Wizardthrone - Hypercude Necrodimensions
Bodom After Midnight - Payback's A Bitch
Pain - Party in My Head
Lindemann - Platz Eins
Powerwolf - Dancing With The Dead [Overload!]
Thuderstone - Through The Pain [Overload!]
Leo - The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air [Roadie Roulette]


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