Show #301

May 22, 2021

This week's show is now available! We're all getting back to work, so why not have something to listen to on the commute? This weeks show is new and improved as we play with some new mics, see, after 8 years, we're still trying to get a decent sounding show out there for you guys. One day, we'll get there.

The songs sound good, anyway. We've got new ones from Nanowar of Steel. Sabaton. Metalite, Frozen Crown, Cry For Mercy, Helloween, Ulthima, Bodom After Midnight, Elvenking, Dalriada and Cannibal Corpse.

Take a listen. We're sure you'll enjoy. If you did, tell us. If not, TELL US! We'll also give you shout-outs and play your requests. We can be contacted HERE on our FB page.

Back next week for an even better show! - GoM

Originally aired on Scotland Rocks Radio 22/5/21


Nanowar Of Steel - Der Fluch Des Käpt'n Iglo
Sabaton - Defense Of Moscow (Radio Tapok Cover)
Powerwolf - Sanctified With Dynamite
Metalite - A Virtual World
Frozen Crown - Far Beyond
Cry For Mercy - Resist
Airbourne - Boneshaker
Aeternam - Damascus Gate
Nawather - Daret Layyem
Helloween - Skyfall [Epic Track]
Masterplan - Headbangers Ballroom
Axxis - Time Machine [Volt Track]
Edguy - Fucking With Fire (Hair Force One)
Ulthima - Black Swan
Bodom After Midnight - Paint The Sky With Blood
Elvenking - The Moon And Magic
Dalriada - Ezer Elet, Ezer Csillag
Cannibal Corpse - Surround, Kill, Devour
Archspire - Scream Feeding
Alestorm - Chomp Chomp [Overload!]
Rumahoy - The Legend Of Captain Yarrface [Overload!]
Lagerstein - Shoey Song [Overload!]
Kalmah - Skin O' My Teeth (Megadeth Cover) [Roadie Roulette]


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