Show #290

Dec. 21, 2020

Here's our present to you: It's the last show of the year, and it's our festive special too!
This show almost didn't happen, thanks to the latest lockdown here in North Wales, but we found an old microphone to pre-record the show at home so you didn't miss out. Luckily, the Roadie has come to live with the Gentleman for a little while (we can't have him alone at Christmas, can we?) and with a guest appearance from the Daughter of Metal (or Eve, as she told us to call her, can't think why) we were all set.

This weeks show had a good many METAL festive tunes, as you'd expect from a seasonal show, including new ones from Blind Guardian, Raised By Owls & Sabadu. Plus some more great festive ones from Christopher Lee, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Raskasta Joulua, Veonity, Mad Hatter and J.J. Hrubovcak.

And we've ALSO got brand-new, non-festive tracks from Impavidus, Leatherback, Scardust, Korpiklaani & Gama Bomb. Plus a bunch more other tunes too. Don't we spoil you?!

If we can do another pre-record during this lockdown period, we will. The issue is getting it put into the studio playlist with it being closed down. But we'll sure try!

Thank you guys for listening and supporting us, particularly during this crazy year. We really appreciate you all. Please stay safe, mask up where appropriate and look after yourselves. We can't wait for you to tune in again soon! Have a great Christmas!

As usual, any comments, complaints or requests can be sent to our FB page, HERE.

Cheers! -GoM

Originally aired on Calon FM, 21/12/20


Psychostick - Zombie Claus
Impavidus - Justice
Witch Tripper - State Of Mind
Scardust - Tantibus II
Myrath - Believer
Korpiklaani - Sanaton Maa
Christopher Lee - Silent Night
Blind Guardian - Merry Xmas Everbody (Slade Cover)
Sabadu - A Very Polish Christmas
Leatherback - Bystander [Epic Track]
Fear Factory - Protomech
Lost Society - Game Over [Volt Track]
Gama Bomb - Sheer Khan
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12-24
Raskasta Joulua - Ensimmäinen Joulu
Veonity - Christmas Time
Mad Hatter - Winter Time
Raised By Owls - Do They Know It's Christmas?
J.J Hrubovcak - Nutcracker: Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
Ye Banished Privateers - Deck And Hull [Overload!]
Rumahoy - Poop Deck Party [Overload!]
Lagerstein - Drink Of The Pirates [Overload!]
Gloryhammer - Universe On Fire [Roadie Roulette]

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