Show #287

Nov. 30, 2020

Another week, another 2 hours of BRUTAL METAL! This week's show has another 20+ awesome tracks, including our 7000th overall track (from over 1700 individual bands) over our (to date) 7 years of being. This week's bounty includes new ones from Swedes Tungsten & Dark Tranquillity, Belgiums own Iron Mask, and Finlands' finest folkers Korpiklaani and Ensiferum. We've also got awesome stuff from the likes of Metallica, Edguy, Mortiis, and Stratovarius, to name but a few. Give it a listen, we think you'll like it.

Also, the Roadie may be back next week after a lengthy hiatus. Let's hope so and welcome him back!

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Originally aired on Calon FM, 30/11/20


Symphony X - Serpent's Kiss
Tungsten - Volfram's Song
Stratovarius - Under Flaming Skies
Iron Mask - Never Kiss The Ring
Magic Kingdom - Wizards And Witches
Dark Tranquillity - The Dark Unbroken
Insomnium - Valediction
Nine Treasures - Bodhicitta
Chthonic - Legacy Of The Seediq
Metallica - Now That We're Dead [Epic Track]
Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde
Edguy - Space Police [Volt Track]
Freedom Call - Space Police
Mortiis - Spirit In A Vacuum
Eisbrecher - Was Ist Hier Los?
The Faceless - An Autopsy
Archspire - Involuntary Doppelganger
Korpiklaani - Leväluhta [Overload!]
Ensiferum - The Defence Of The Sampo [Overload!]
Turisas - The Messenger [Overload!]
Orden Ogan - Gunman
Helion Prime - Mr. Torture [Roadie Roulette]

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