Show #281

Sept. 28, 2020

We're still here! Yes, lockdowns may be tightening, but we're taking our opportunities where we can. Aside from a slight technical hiccup (thanks whoever plugged the studio microphones into EACH OTHER), it all went pretty well. There was the usual babble, mixed with a heck of alot of great tunes, including new stuff from Cadence Noir, Leatherjacks, Amaranthe, Memories Of Old, Voutsa, Ost+Front, Fairyland, Nightwish, Finntroll, Benighted, Blodiga Skald and Æther Realm amongst others.

Once again, we appreciate you tuning in. If you've got any comments, complaints or requests, please contact us in the usual way, by clicking HERE.

A small announcement is that assuming the next couple of shows are allowed to go ahead (and we aren't locked at home strumming our strings again) they won't be available for a couple of weeks. When I do get them, I'll post them as usual. If you want your PZ fi, you'll have to tune in LIVE on Monday night, on Calon FM, 105FM. Just click HERE for a link to the live stream. That's 9pm til 11pm (BST)

Cheers for tuning in, we'll see you then. Well, we won't see you, but... y'know.


Originally aired 28/9/20 on Calon FM


Myrath - Dance
Amaranthe - Archangel
Beast In Black - True Believer
Leatherjacks - Extremely Dangerous
Cadance Noir - A Reckless Endeavour
Memories Of Old - Some Day Soon
Divine Martyr - Beyond
Voutsa - Syöksykierre
Ost+Front - Geld Geld Geld
Fairyland - The Hidden Kingdom Of Eloran [Epic Track]
Nightwish - Hows The Heart?
Dream Evil - Children Of The Night [Volt Track]
Æther Realm - Redneck Cowboys From Hell
Benighted - Nails
Cattle Decapitation - Bring Back The Plague
Finntroll - Grenars Väg
Skálmöld - Gleipnir
Stahlmann - Plasma
Eisbrecher - Verruckt
Blodiga Skald - Sbabobo [Overload!]
Wind Rose - Drunken Dwarves [Overload!]
Atlas Pain - The Moving Empire [Overload!]
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Reise Reise (Rammstein Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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