Show #280

Sept. 21, 2020

Well, well. Look who's back. That's right, BABY, it's only ya boys here at POWERZONE! No virus is gonna stop us! Well, not yet at any rate. After 5 months out of the game due to a closed studio, we're back on the air and bringing the damn brutal again! This week, we talked about, well, that event that's STILL going on, the roadies' new svelte look and the Gentlemans' weight loss from his head but not his middle. But more importantly, we've got a whole bunch of great new tunes, including some from: Warkings, Firewind, Amaranthe, Ward XVI, Red Rum, Ye Banished Privateers, U.D.O., Primal Fear, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Hulkoff, Deified, Shrapnel, Static-X, Mushroomhead and Starblind.

As things stand, we are currently due to head into the studio again. But with stricter virus-control measures, who knows. Don't keep your fingers crossed, instead throw us the horns. As usual, if you have a comment, request or more likely a complaint, give us a shout on our Facebook page that you can access easily by simply clicking HERE.

Ta-ta for now!

Originally aired on CALON FM, 21/9/20


Edguy - Mysteria
Warkings - Warriors
Firewind - Rising Fire
Amaranthe - Strong
Ward XVI - Mister Babadook
Red Rum - Hangman's Rest
Ye Banished Privateers - No Metal, No Pay
Lich King - Combat Mosh
Realm - Slay The Oppressor
U.D.O. & Das Musikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Future Is The Reason Why [Epic Track]
Primal Fear - Along Came The Devil
Sonata Arctica - Tallulah [Volt Track]
Ensiferum - For Sirens
Equilibrium - One Folk
Hulkoff - Varjagen
Deified - Apotheosis/Rebirth [Bangers & Mosh]
Shrapnel - Salt The Earth [Bangers & Mosh]
Static-X - Terminator Oscillator
Mushroomhead - Seen It All
Starblind - At The Mountain Of Madness [Overload!]
Booze Control - Thunder Child [Overload!]
Alex Luss - Born To Be Epic (Equilibrium Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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