Show #275

Jan. 20, 2020

What a show this was! Great tunes and great company too as we were joined live in the studio by local metal hero Fozzy! We had a good old chat about all the great metal events him and his associates are putting on for us this year, including M2TM North Wales once again, Mosh Against Cancer and of course, Pentre Fest plus many more. It was a fun and friendly affair, punctuated with the finest in awesome POWER METAL, including new tracks from: Sabaton, Victorius, Dragonforce, Mystic Prophecy, Wolf, Serious Black, Raging Fate, Blackguard, Scarfoot, Excalion and Brothers Of Metal amongst others. We also played many other songs including some classic power metal and an epic track courtesy of M2TM North Wales 2018 winners Cadence Noir.

Many thanks for all your messages and comments about this show, it means alot to us! If you want to make a request or get in touch, you can do that in the usual way by contacting us on FACEBOOK.

Cheers! \m/

Originally aired on Calon FM 20/1/20


Sabaton - Angels Calling
Victorius - Tale Of The Sunbladers
Dragonforce - Razorblade Meltdown
Mystic Prophecy - Dracula
Wolf - Midnight Hour
Serious Black - Let Me Go
Raging Fate - Bloodstained Gold
Blackguard - ...Of Threads & Fate
Evergrey - My Allied Ocean
Cadence Noir - Demons Lament [Epic Track]
Scarfoot - Toxic Individualism
Stratovarius - Hunting High And Low [Volt Track]
Excalion - Trust
Brothers Of Metal - Kaunaz Dagaz
Powerwolf - Secrets Of The Sacristy
Helloween - Burning Sun [Overload!]
Gamma Ray - Valley Of The Kings [Overload!]
Iron Savior - Predators [Overload!]
Chaos Divine - Africa (Toto Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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