Show #274

Jan. 13, 2020

Welcome back to Powerzone! We haven't gone anywhere, but this is the first show that's been available for you guys to listen to for over a month (unless you were lucky enough to listen live, that is!). Anyway, it's a good thing this one was recorded, because it's a belter! We've got tunes galore, with awesome new ones from Brothers of Metal, Ozzy Osbourne, Mystic Prophecy, Rage,Almanac, Hammerfall, Crematory, Erdling, Blackguard, Verikalpa, Korpiklaani & Talethrone. Plus, we talked about coping with the January blues, paid tribute to another fallen brother and gave you guys the lowdown on where to get your local metal for the next few months.

As usual, I've forgotten most of what we talked about, but I do know this: it's worth listening to the show on the strength of the playlist alone. We're very fortunate to have a wealth of talent to call upon, and who knows, one of these tracks might end up being the soundtrack to your year. We only play good metal, so crank up the volume and enjoy. It's the perfect workout soundtrack and will help you ignore all the miserable faces on the bus or train as you head to work on another grey day too. You're welcome.

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See you next time!

Originally aired on Calon FM 13/1/20


Nevermore - The River Dragon Has Come
Brothers Of Metal - Powersnake
Alphayn - Hugin Und Munin
Rush - Tom Sawyer
Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man
Mystic Prophecy - Eye To Eye
Primal Fear - The Beast
Rage - Wing Of Rage
Almanac - Predator
Hammerfall - Second To One [Epic Track]
Edguy - Save Me
Alien Weaponry - Kai Tangata [Volt Track]
Bloodywood - Machi Bhasad
Crematory - The Downfall
Erdling - Blizzard
Blackguard - Mourning Star [Folk Off]
Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Ten, Ktery Ukoval Slunce [Folk Off]
Cruadalach - Raised By Wolves [Folk Off]
Eluveitie - Luxtos [Folk Off]
Verikalpa - Talonväen Teuraat [Overload!] [Folk Off]
Korpiklaani - Beer Kill Kill [Overload!] [Folk Off]
Talethrone - Wizard's Last Invocation [Overload!] [Folk Off]
Motörhead - King Of Kings [Roadie Roulette]

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