Show #269

Nov. 11, 2019

Heavy rain and strong winds are no match for the power of metal. Or rather, the abilities of the Gentleman & the Roadie to at least get to the studio to bring the metal to you.

Or something altogether less convoluted. Ahem.

What I mean to say is that this weeks show was jam-packed with great tunes! From thrashers and upcoming Mosh Against Cancer Chester headliners Acid Reign, dinosaur themed Scandi-power metal and much more besides there's something here for every true metalhead. For example, we've got superb new tracks from the likes of: King Diamond, Vogelfrey, Hevisaurus, Acid Reign, Vision Divine, Ancient Bards, The Dark Element, Metalite & Follow The Cipher. Plus we've got crackers from some of our favourite bands, including the brutal Vicious Nature and the awesome Eternal Of Sweden.

Get your finger on the pulse and feel the pounding heartbeat of a strong music scene that the establishment simply DOESN'T want you to hear. They won't play it on 'regular' radio or maybe stifle its airtime, hiding it away and removing your access to it, then have the cheek to tell you it's dead and buried. Listen to the bands featured on tonight's, and every weeks show and you'll soon see just how alive and kicking metal really is. This is two hours of metal radio you simply can't afford to miss out on. Press play and be transported to a fresh new world of sound. That's the Powerzone.

Any comments of complaints? Requests? Send them all over to us right here! \m/

Originally aired on 11/11/19 on Calon FM


King Diamond - Masquerade Of Madness
Vogelfrey - Alptraum
In Extremo - Feuertaufe
Hevisaurus - Bändikouluun!
Tungsten - Misled
Theocracy - Wishing Well
Eternal Of Sweden - Burning With Pride
Acid Reign - My Peace Of Hell
Vicious Nature - The Silence That Kills
Sonata Arctica - Gravenimage [Epic Track]
Vision Divine - 3 Men Walk On The Moon
Fairyland - The Fall Of An Empire [Volt Track]
Ancient Bards - Fantasy's Wings
Grimner - Nordmännens Raseri
Suidakra - Stone Of The Seven Suns
Ekho - Departure
Skyfire - Fragments Of Time
The Dark Element - The Pallbearer Walks Alone [Overload!]
Metalite - Eye Of The Storm [Overload!]
Follow The Cipher - The Pioneer [Overload!]
Powerwolf - Shot In The Dark (Ozzy Osbourne Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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