Show #267

Oct. 28, 2019

Another week has passed already, time marches on for us all, I suppose. But lucky, to fill that time, here's the latest POWERZONE show! This week, we have a gig review of sorts from the Roadie, (who may have finally lost his mind thanks to toffee apple poisoning) new tunes from the likes of Leaves' Eyes, Rumahoy, Kaine, Kull, Metalite, Running Wild, The Ferrymen, Vogelfrey, Svartby & Borknagar amongst others, a 'best of British' overload featuring the mighty Vicious Nature and news about Mosh Against Cancer and other upcoming gigs so you can get your live fix before Christmas. There's plenty coming up so give us a listen and find out whats going on out there.

Pretty sure there's quite a bit I've missed, but it did happen yesterday and I'm a forgetful fellow. I guess you'll just have to listen and hear for yourself. Any comments, complaints or requests can be directed to the usual place, which you can get to be clicking HERE.

Ta-ta and farewell for another week.


Originally aired on Calon FM 28/10/19


Leaves' Eyes - Night Of The Ravens
Rumahoy - Cowboys Of The Sea
Iron Seawolf - Captain Wolfgang's Jig
Kull - A Summoning To War
Bal-Sagoth - Callisto Rising
Metalite - Social Butterflies
Amaranthe - Helix
Running Wild - Crossing The Blades
Grave Digger - Shadow Of The Warrior
The Ferrymen - Bring Me Home [Epic Track]
Primal Fear - Blood, Sweat & Fear
Helloween - Are You Metal? [Volt Track]
Stormwarrior - Steelcrusher
Vogelfrey - Magst Du Mittelalter?
Svartby - Rails And Guns
Borknagar - Into The White
Dimmu Borgir - Mourning Palace
Kaine - Reforge The Steel [Overload!]
Battleaxe - Hail To The King [Overload!]
Vicious Nature - When The Devil Calls [Overload!]
Firewind - Maniac [Micheal Sembello Cover] [Roadie Roulette]

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