Show #262

Sept. 16, 2019

Welcome to another exciting edition of your favourite niche power, folk and death metal show in the North East Wales area- POWERZONE! This week we've got the latest singles from awesome bands such as Impavidus, Lindemann, Erdling, Sabaton, Astral Doors & Civil War plus plenty more besides. The Gentleman regales you with stories of his countryside rambles, and the roadie contributes his fetid rectal gas in the studio without apology. Again.

But lucky for you, this isn't smell-o-vision, no, we were blessed(?) with faces for radio, so instead we can only offer the choices cuts of METAL for you along with some suggestions as to where you can find upcoming events in the area. So have a listen- it's perfect for your commute, a workout, lulling you softly to sleep and much more. Well, maybe not the sleep one.

Its 2 hours you WON'T regret. Your new favourite song may be just a click away!

As usual, any comments/requests/complaints should be directed HERE so I can deal with them in a timely manner. Cheers! -GoM

Originally aired on Calon FM 16/9/19


Kiuas - Until We Reach The Shore
Impavidus - Artifice
In Flames - Graveland
Lindemann - Steh Auf
Erdling - Im Namen Der Krähe
Fear Factory - Soul Hacker
U.D.O. - Man And Machine
Hell - Land Of The Living Dead
Mercyful Fate - Curse Of The Pharoahs
Gwar - Phantom Limb [Epic Track]
Powerwolf - When The Moon Shines Red
Demons & Wizards - Terror Train [Volt Track]
Iced Earth - Declaration Day
Saxon - Stand Your Ground
Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter
Sinergy - Midnight Madness
Children Of Bodom - Downfall
Astral Doors - St. Petersburg [Overload!]
Sabaton - The End Of The War To End All Wars [Overload!]
Civil War - Dead Man's Glory [Overload!]
Amon Amarth - The Way of Vikings
Ensiferum - Tale Of Revenge
Graveworm - I Need A Hero (Bonnie Tyler Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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