Show #260

Sept. 2, 2019

We're back! And this time, we're sober! Well, The Gentleman is anyway, 2 days sober- you have to start somewhere, right?

Luckily, this won't affect the quality of the show, which will remain poor, just how you like it!

This weeks show features a whole bunch of 'catching up' new singles, including tunes from Tungsten, Hammerfall, Freedom Call, Equilibrium, Sonata Arctica, Metalite, Aephanemer, Raubtier, Tarja, Frantic Amber, Wind Rose, Swashbuckle & Destruction. If that isn't enough, we've got loads of info about upcoming gigs and festivals, plenty to whet your whistle. Or something. Spend 2 hours with us and you won't regret it, that's a Powerzone guarantee!*

Any requests or complaints? Drop us a message on our FACEBOOK page.

*guarantee not applicable on the Earth.

First broadcast on Calon FM 2/9/19


Tungsten - The Fairies Dance
Hammerfall - Dead By Dawn
Freedom Call - The Ace Of The Unicorn
Equilibrium - Himmel Und Feuer
Atlas Pain - The Counter Dance
Aonia - Heartsword!
Avantasia - Sign Of The Cross
Sonata Arctica - Cold
Metalite - Far From The Sanctuary
Aephanemer - If I Should Die [Epic Track]
Children Of Bodom - Touch Like Angel Of Death
Civil War - I Will Rule The Universe [Volt Track]
Raubtier - Bunkern
Tarja - Tears In Rain
Leaves' Eyes - Jomsborg
Frantic Amber - The Ghost That Kills
Arch Enemy - Dead Eyes See No Future
Wind Rose - Drunken Dwarves
Swashbuckle - Beating A Dead Seahorse [Overload!]
Tankard - Freibier [Overload!]
Destruction - Tyrants Of The Netherworld [Overload!]
Black Ingvars - The Fox (Ylvis Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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