Show #258

Aug. 5, 2019

This weeks show features a brand new 'one time' co-host THE LADY OF METAL! As well as being far more attractive than the roadie, she's also alot more sassy, so you can imagine the sort of fun we had in the studio. Apart from that, we talked about some awesome upcoming local gigs and played great new tunes from the likes of Civil War, Sabaton, Tungsten, Hammerfall, Dragonforce, Beast In Black, Twilight Force, Northtale, Callus and Finsterforst. That should be plenty to tide you over until next week!

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Originally aired on Calon FM 5/8/19


Battlelore - Third Immortal
Civil War - Dead Man's Glory
Sabaton - 82nd All The Way
Tungsten - We Will Rise
Powerwolf - Kreuzfeuer
Hammerfall - Dominion
Dream Evil - Evilized
Equilbrium - Unter Der Eiche
Fogalord - The Scream Of The Thunder
Dragonforce - Highway To Oblivion [Epic Track]
Cellador - Wake Up The Tyrant
Battle Beast - Touch In The Night [Volt Track]
Beast In Black - Sweet True Lies
Twilight Force - Dawn Of The Dragonstar
Northtale - Time To Rise
Iron Maiden - The Clairvoyant
Callus - The Dunwich Horror
The Devin Townsend Project - Juular
Dethklok - Go Into The Water
Finsterforst - Fluch Des Seins [Overload!]
Eluveitie - King [Overload!]
Turisas - Those Were The Days (Mary Hopkin Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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