Show #241

March 4, 2019

After a smash hit show last week, we're back to normality with this show, so we've filled it full of goodies for your enjoyment! We've got new tunes from Ward XVI, Korpiklaani, Overkill, Rhapsody of Fire, Children of Bodom, Battle Beast, Nine Treasures, Beast in Black, Vanir, Iron Savior, MÃ¥negarm & more, we have a little chat about Bloodstock festival's Metal 2 The Masses and chat about linguistics amongst other things. It's much better than it sounds, believe me. Let us know what you think over on our FACEBOOK page, we appreciate your comments!

Originally aired on Calon FM 4/3/19


Sabaton - Carolus Rex
Children Of Bodom - Platitudes And Barren Words
Skyfire - Nightmares Nevermore
Battle Beast - Eden
Beast In Black - True Believer
Nine Treasures - Bodhicitta
Korpiklaani - Beer Kill Kill (Featuring Zetro)
Overkill - Welcome To The Garden State
Iron Savior - Kill Or Get Killed
Rhapsody Of Fire - March Against The Tyrant [Epic Track]
Fairyland - The Walls Of Laemnil
Frozen Land - Underworld (Manala) [Volt Track]
Veonity - Heart On Fire
Impavidus - Eradication Of Mankind
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Auf Und Nieder
Ward XVI - Hold Me
Edguy - Save Me
MÃ¥negarm - Sveablotet [Overload!]
Vanir - Einherjer [Overload!]
Vindland - Serr-Noz [Overload!]
Thunderstone - The River (Nik Kershaw Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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