Show #240

Feb. 25, 2019

What a great show! This week we were joined by metal experts Beth & Rick from Ever Metal where we discussed, amongst other things, the festival we have just attended. Couple that with new tunes from Enforcer, Bloodbound, Oomph!, Frozen Crown, Beast in Black and Týr and you have a really doozy of a show to enjoy. We also play a selection of some of our favourite bands from the festival, including Thrashatouille, Cadence Noir, Lullaby for a Unicorn, Footprints in the Custard and Frozen in Shadows as well as introduce a new (to Powerzone) thrash band from Mexico called Strike Master. If that's not enough, we cap off the show with a fine band that has been announced to play the 2020 Pentre Fest- Witch Tripper. Over 2 hours of prime metal radio for you there to enjoy, so let us know if you did over on our Facebook page. See you next time! \m/

Originally aired on Calon FM 25/2/19


Enforcer - Die For The Devil
Oomph! - Im Namen Des Vaters
Rammstein - Stein Um Stein
Bloodbound - Rise Of The Dragon Empire
Frozen Crown - Neverending
Thrashatouille - Thrashatouille
Strike Master - As I March
Gloryhammer - Universe On Fire
Beast In Black - This Is War
Lullaby For A Unicorn - Alan Raiders
Footprints In The Custard - The Descent Of Decency
Týr - Fire And Flame
Amon Amarth - Destroyer Of The Universe
Drakwald - Chasm Of Ignorance
Eluveitie - Ategnatos
Cadence Noir - The Traveller
Frozen In Shadows - Tides
Witch Tripper - I, Of The Storm

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