Show #239

Feb. 18, 2019

We're not shy about getting those new tunes out there, as this weeks show proves! We have new songs from Vanir, Beast in Black, Aephanemer, Memories of Old, Rhapsody of Fire, Thornbridge, Starkill, Children of Bodom, Korpiklaani, Kara Han and Oomph! But of course we also have some old school metal from around the genres! Join us for another 2 hours of kick-ass metal, and let us know if you have any requests for a subsequent show on our Facebook page HERE \m/

Originally aired on Calon FM 18/2/19


Evil Scarecrow - End Level Boss
Oomph! - Trümmerkinder
Eisbrecher - Himmel, Arsch Und Zwirn
Vanir - Svoldir
Sylvatica - The Ascension
Beast In Black - From Hell With Love
Axxis - Blood Angel
Aephanemer - The Sovereign
Mayan - Tornado Of Thoughts
Memories Of Old - The Land Of Xia [Epic Track]
Rhapsody Of Fire - Master Of Peace
Angra - Light Of Transcedence [Volt Track]
Helloween - Mr. Torture
Grailknights - Pumping Iron Power
Hulkoff - Einherjr
Thornbridge - Ember In The Winter Grove
Orden Ogan - Here At The End Of The
Starkill - The Real Enemy
Children Of Bodom - This Road
Korpiklaani - Øl Øl (feat. Trollfest) [Overload!]
Metsatöll - Vaid Vaprust [Overload!]
Kara Han - At Avrat Metal! [Overload!]
Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying [Roadie Roulette]

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