Show #237

Feb. 4, 2019

It's our 6th Birthday show! This week you'll forgive us if we indulge in a little reminiscing, and quite a bit of ranting at a local, national and probably international scale on the gentleman's part- it never rains but it pours! Luckily, we have plenty of great tunes to keep you interested too, including new ones from Children of Bodom, Eluveitie, Bloodbound and Mirratal amongst others, as well as other great stuff as you can see below. Enjoy the show? Any comments or requests? Send them over to our Facebook page and we can get back to you, just click HERE.

Until next week.. \m/

First aired on Calon FM 5/2/19


Equilibrium - Himmelsrand
Children Of Bodom - This Road
Whispered - Exile Of The Floating World
Eluveitie - Ategnatos
Ensiferum - Battle Song
Footprints In The Custard - Party Metal
Frozen In Shadows - Harbinger
Mirratal - Mystery
Kiuas - No More Sleep For Me
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under [Epic Track]
Pink Cream 69 - Vagrant Of The Night
Monument - William Kidd [Volt Track]
Running Wild - Port Royal
Bloodbound - Slayer Of Kings
Hammerfall - Trailblazers
Sodomized Cadaver - Martyrdom
Carcass - No Love Lost
Rage - Lord Of The Flies
U.D.O. - Rising High
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Die Sonne Scheint
Heavy Metal Perse - Talonpoikaisralli
Oomph! - Labyrinth [Overload!]
Erdling - Tieftaucher [Overload!]
Megaherz - Komet [Overload!]
Powerwolf - Shot In The Dark (Ozzy Osbourne Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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