Show #227

Nov. 6, 2018

Do you like people eating crisps AND heavy metal? Us too! Luckily we have a 2 hours (and one face) stuffed with treats! Loads of brilliant songs, and a load of fun too on out Bonfire night special. We’ve got new tunes from Lion’s Share, Stratovarius, Mongol, MaYaN, SlipknotSkálmöld, Striker, Primal Fear & Them PLUS we have an awesome 15-minute epic track from the brilliant Chaos Over Cosmos. Check it out! As usual, any comments and requests are best directed to our Facebook page which can be found HERE, and I check it every day so will get back to you sooner. Thanks for listening, we’ll be back soon!

Originally aired on 5/11/18 on Calon FM


Cellar Darling – Black Moon
Lion’s Share – Sins Of A Father
Stratovarius – Burn Me Down
Mongol – Takhil
Mayan – Tornado Of Thoughts (I Don’t Think Therefore I Am)
Slipknot – All Out Life
Mushroomhead – Sun Doesn’t Rise
Chaos Over Cosmos – Armour Of The Stars (Xenogears) [Epic Track]
Amon Amarth – Runes To My Memory [Volt Track]
Skálmöld – Brúnin
Striker – Head First
Wolf – Skeleton Woman
Lordi – Hell Sent In The Clowns
Edguy – All The Clowns
Blaze Bayley – Life And Death
Primal Fear – Blood, Sweat & Fear
Them – Witchfinder [Overload!]
Attic – The Hound Of Heaven [Overload!]
Hell – On Earth As It Is In Hell [Overload!]
Judas Priest – Electric Eye [Roadie Roulette]

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