Show #226

Oct. 30, 2018

We’re back, and we’re kicking bottom. This week we have a gig review of sorts, the world’s smallest (and easiest) quiz with the weirdest prize for the roadie, and we give you plenty of metal news. Oh, and of course, a shedload of METAL! Including new tunes from Gama Bomb, Stratovarius, Mongol, Chthonic, Dragony & Nothgard, plus a load of heavy, power, folk and thrash metal too. There’s something for every metal fan, so please help us spread the word and tell a friend about our show. Want to make a request or ask us something? The best place to catch us is on our Facebook page, which you can get to by clicking HERE. See you next time! \m/

First aired on Calon FM, 29/10/18


Red Rum – Booze And Glory
Gama Bomb – World Gone To Hell
Lich King – Offense
Stratovarius – Hunter
Dreamtale – Dreality
Mongol – The Return
Chthonic – Flames Upon The Weeping Winds
Hecate Enthroned – The Spell Of The Winter Forest
Cradle Of Filth – Cthulhu Dawn
Wind Rose – The Returning Race [Epic Track]
Dragony – Flame Of Tar Valon
Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls [Volt Track]
Testament – Into The Pit
Nothgard – Fall Of An Empire
Norther – Everything
Black Messiah – Moskau
Powerwolf – Moscow After Dark
Edguy – Navigator
Hammerfall – The Sacred Vow
Dark The Suns – The Sleeping Beauty [Overload!]
Paradise Lost – Blood Of Another [Overload!]
Skyfire – Awake [Overload!]
Accept – Symphony No. 40 in G Minor- Live (Mozart Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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