Show #219

Aug. 21, 2018

We’re off for a couple of weeks after this, so this might be your last blast of #Powerzone for a while! This week, we brought the brutal, playing new tracks from Pellek, Parasite Inc., Grave Digger, Feuerschwanz, Follow The Cipher and Alien Weaponry, plus our usual famous brand of Folk and Power Metal. We also gave a slight gig review, brought you metal news as usual and generally had a bit of a laugh. We HAVE to sit through that stuff, but you don’t necessarily, because on this soundcloud link it tells you what songs are playing so you can cut out my voice as required- great! I’ll try not to feel too insulted but y’know.

Anyway- we also have a new SPOTIFY playlist for you, this time featuring our pick of 30 Folk and Viking metal bands (we include forest metal and battle metal as these are essentially the same genre in my opinion) but that should keep you going for a while- if not, check back later in the week because there may very well be another one. Please help to spread the word. You can find links to them as well as the Spotify player on the Spotify tab, surprisingly.

As usual, any comments or requests please leave here as a comment of for the latest updates you can catch us on our facebook page which you can get to by clicking HERE. Also on there is our HOGJAW ticket competition pinned to the top, why not give it a like and share. Go on, we appreciate it! See you in a couple of weeks! \m/ -GoM

Originally aired on Calon FM 20/8/18


Disturbed – Are You Ready
Pellek – Rebirth
Æther Realm – King Of Cups
Emissaries Of Syn – The Slate Is Not Clean
Napalm Death – Smash A Single Digit
Parasite Inc. Once And For All
Children Of Bodom – I Hurt
Grave Digger – Zombie Dance
Russkaja – Трактор / Traktor
Baruk Khazâd – Elf Slaughter March [Epic Track]
Amon Amarth – Gods Of War Arise
Dream Evil – Immortal [Volt Track]
Bloodbound – Iron Throne
Feuerschwanz – Methämmer
Krayenzeit – Spieglein, Spieglein
Winterstorm – Through The Storm
Ensiferum – One More Magic Potion
Beast In Black – The Fifth Angel
Follow The Cipher – The Rising
Axxis – The Demons Are Calling
Annihilator – Burns Like A Buzzsaw Blade [Overload!]
Alien Weaponry – Kai Tangata [Overload!]
Evile – Cult [Overload!]
Mystic Prophecy – Hot Stuff (Donna Summer Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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