Show #212

June 26, 2018

Another POWERZONE show is in the bag! This weeks show features dinosaurs, mispronunciation (whats new?) avatar interviews, a date for the Roadie and more, including METAL KOMBAT QUARTER FINAL #3 (cast your vote NOW!) and new tunes from Powerwolf, Primal Fear & Monument, as well as the usual mix of metal madness. Give it a listen and let us know what you think on our Facebook page HERE or leave us a comment on this post. Fancy!

Originally aired on 25/6/18 on Calon FM


Hammerfall – The Sacred Vow
Powerwolf – Fire & Forgive
Sabaton – Union
Black Messiah – Mimir’s Head
Amon Amarth – At Dawns First Light
Pellek – Sea Of Okhotsk
Sonata Arctica – Only The Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)
Valhalore – The Winterstone [Metal Kombat]
Evil Scarecrow – Space Dementia [Metal Kombat]
Skálmöld – Kvaðning [Epic Track]
Svartsot – Skønne Møer
Orden Ogan – Evil Lies In Every Man [Volt Track]
Harpyie – Ambra
Primal Fear – If Looks Could Kill
Accept – No Regrets
Hevisaurus – Jurahevin Kuninkaat
Lordi – Your Tongue’s Got The Cat
Monument – Death Avenue
Iron Maiden – Be Quick Or Be Dead
Slipknot – Psychosocial
One Minute Silence – Fish Out Of Water
Pantera – This Love


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