Show #210

June 12, 2018

Another cracking show, #210 is now ready for you to enjoy! We pulled out all the stops to make this one great, we enjoyed it immensely at least! We talk M2TM, British metal, silly song names and much more, plus we play new tunes from Toledo Steel, Nekrogoblikon, Amorphis and Rumahoy! We also have the first quarter final of METAL KOMBAT, which you can still vote in by heading over to our Facebook page HERE for a week after airing. Plenty to enjoy about this one, so please help spread the good word of POWERZONE! We’d sure appreciate it! -GoM

First aired on Calon FM, 11/6/18


Attacker – A Time Before The Darkness
Attacker – Sins Of Man
Amorphis – Message In The Amber
Myrath – Believer
Ancestral – Refuge Of Souls
Hell – Deathsquad
Wind Rose – Rebel And Free (Metal Kombat)
Battle Beast – Let it Roar (Metal Kombat)
Toledo Steel – Behold The Machine (Epic Track)
Blaze – Blackmailer
Freedom Call – Hammer Of The Gods [Volt Track] [Cheese Sandwich]
Stratovarius – Eagleheart [Cheese Sandwich]
Archspire – Involuntary Doppelganger
Behated Reign – El Comegente (Under The Bridge)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Hort Mich An
Mortal Strike – Here Comes The Tank
Tankard – Northern Crown (Lament Of The Undead King)
Alestorm – Alestorm
Rumahoy – Pirateship
Nekrogoblikon – Darkness [Overload!]
Finntroll – Slagbröder [Overload!]
Trollfest – Solskinnsmedisin [Overload!]
Iron Maiden – Rainmaker [Roadie Roulette]


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