Show #208

May 22, 2018

Well, well, what do we have here? Oh? Another POWERZONE show? Don’t mind if I do!
This show features tunes from across the world as usual, and specifically new songs from artists such as Toledo Steel, Monument, Witch Tripper, Follow The Cipher, Babymetal, Amorphis, Visions Of Atlantis, Kalmah, Dragonforce & Kamelot. We’ve even brought some old ‘nu’ metal songs along for a change. Plus we talk Bloodstock’s M2TM and about the Roadie’s date nights. All that plus loads more on your weird & wild weekly, POWERZONE! Enjoy!

Originally aired on 21/5/18, Calon FM


Heaven & Hell – Bible Black
Toledo Steel – No Quarter
Monument – The Chalice
Babymetal – Distortion
Follow The Cipher – Play With Fire
Witch Tripper – Hell Bound
Texas Hippie Coalition – Outlaw
Amorphis – Amongst Stars
Myrath – Believer
Gwar – Phantom Limb [Epic Track]
Newsted – Soldierhead
Amon Amarth – War Of The Gods [Volt Track]
Kalmah – Erase And Diverge
Jörmungand – Rübezahl
Thrudvangar – Der Schwerter Klingen
Kamelot – Amnesiac
Visions Of Atlantis – Ritual Night
Dragonforce – Give Me The Night
Twilight Force – Powerwind
Static-X – The Only [Overload!]
Powerman 5000 – Bombshell [Overload!]
Mudvayne – Death Blooms [Overload!]
Turisas – Supernaut (Black Sabbath Cover) [Roadie Roulette]


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