PentreFest Takeover Show

Feb. 17, 2020

Another special takeover show this week as we were joined in the studio by Fozzy & Beany from North Wales Metal Productions to kick off their PentreFest promo tour! We had a good ol' chat about Pentre Fest, of course, plus their other upcoming gigs, including Metal 2 The Masses North Wales, The Power Trio Show and lets not forget Mosh Against Cancer. We play all the bands performing at the upcoming PentreFest, including: Stormrider, Riptide, Dakesis (not actually playing but some members are in headliners WomanOWar), Forlorn Hope, Impavidus, Severenth, OMV, Scars Of Remembrance, Witch Tripper, Cry For Mercy, Luke Appleton, Son Of Boar, Scarfoot, Cheerfully Undiagnosed and Lullaby For A Unicorn. We play a couple of tunes from Mosh Against Cancer faves Master Charger and headliners Acid Reign, and we've got new tunes from the mighty Absolva and Ross The Boss. How did we fit all that into 2 hours, you ask? Well, we didn't, quite. We overran. But that's ok, it means more METAL to tide you over until our return in March.

PentreFest starts on Friday 21st February and continues through Saturday 22nd February at Mcleans, Pentre, Deeside, North Wales. Join us in the pit! \m/

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Originally aired on Calon FM, 17/2/20


Ross The Boss - Denied By The Cross
Stormrider - Heavy Metal Machine
Riptide - Masters Of The Apocalypse
Dakesis - The Great Insurrection
Forlorn Hope - Rifles
Impavidus - Artifice
Severenth - The Question
OMV - Heavy As The Sky
Scars Of Remembrance - Shattered Wings
Witch Tripper - White Lines
Cry For Mercy - Overload
Luke Appleton - Medusa
Absolva - Legion
Master Charger - Rapture In Demise
Son Of Boar - Outlet
Acid Reign - My Peace Of Hell
Scarfoot - Toxic Individualism
Cheerfully Undiagnosed - Unsolicited
Lullaby For A Unicorn - Alan Raiders
Sabaton - Feuer Frei! (Rammstein Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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