The Beard's Takeover Show

Dec. 2, 2019

It's all about the beards on this weeks show, because we have the one and only Dudley 'The Beard' in the studio with us for the first time in years! The Beard was our live interviewer for some time, but since he lives in a different country now it's kind of hard to get him on the show. This week however, the stars aligned and The Beard gave us a selection of his favourite beardie metal tunes. We spoke about Hard Rock Hell Vikings which we attended the weekend before and we were probably still a little hungover from it. The chat was flowing and so were the tunes, it's a really good one so be sure to give it a listen and enjoy!

As usual any comments/complaints/requests of anything to pass onto the Beard can be directed HERE.

Next week we'll be joined by the guys from Ever Metal, so make sure to tune in for that too! \m/

Originally aired on Calon FM 2/12/19


Psychostick - Obey The Beard
Amon Amarth - On A Sea Of Blood
Hammer Horde - Midgardian Revelry
Vhaldemar - Against All Kings
Trollwar - Into Shadows
Lumsk - I Trollhender
Furor Gallico - Starpath
Dethlehem - Planetary Collapse [Epic Track]
Black Label Society - Bleed For Me
Damageplan - Pride
Nightwish - Élan
Marko Hietala - Stones
Xandria - Little Red Relish
Pertness - Fairy Of The Dawn
Vane - Mutiny [Jolly Rogered Track]
Mormieben - Frères Ennemis [Jolly Rogered Track]
Shtack - Pirate Metal [Jolly Rogered Track]
Rising Storm - Conquer The Sea [Jolly Rogered Track]
Children Of Bodom - Party All The Time (Eddie Murphy Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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