Show #262

The latest singles from great bands such as: Impavidus, Lindemann, Erdling, Sabaton, Astral Doors, Civil War and much more

Show #261

Great new tunes from Acheronian Scar, Nile, Elvenking, Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra and Freedom Call amongst others...

Show #260

New tunes galore from Tungsten, Hammerfall, Freedom Call, Equilibrium, Sonata Arctica, Metalite, Aephanemer, Raubtier, Tarja, Frantic Amber, Wind Rose, Swashbuckle & Destruction

Show #259

New tracks from Control The Storm, Sellsword, Atorc, Dust Bolt, Overkill and Destruction

Show #258

A new personality in the studio along with new tunes from Civil War, Sabaton, Tungsten, Hammerfall, Dragonforce, Beast In Black, Twilight Force, Northtale, Callus and Finsterforst