Show #331

Feast your ears on new stuff from Dark Funeral, Forlorn Hope, Sabaton, Vanir, Tankard, Absolva, Amorphis, Veonity and more...

Show #330

New tunes from the likes of Tungsten, Saxon, Persefone, Korn, Glasya, Vanaheim, Månegarm and Aktarum...

Show #329

New metal from Bloodywood, Power Paladin, Leatherback, Ghost Keeper, Absolva, Wolf, Emerald Sun, Hammer King and more!

Show #328

The latest tunes from the likes of The Halo Effect, Hammerfall, Hammer King, Battle Beast, The Ferrymen, Vanir, Nocturna, Dark Funeral and Týr amongst others...

Show #327

New tunes from Orden Ogan, Serious Black, Space Chaser, Crusade Of Bards, Anette Olzon, Hopes Of Freedom, Tanzwut, Almach, Trollfest, Nekrogoblikon and Beast In Black