Show #267

New singles from Leaves' Eyes, Rumahoy, Kaine, Kull, Metalite, Running Wild, The Ferrymen, Vogelfrey, Svartby & Borknagar amongst others...

Show #266

New tunes from Lindemann, Brothers Of Metal, Valhalore, Nibiru Ordeal, Amberian Dawn, Battle Beast, Cry For Mercy, Myrath and Rage

Show #265

A bumper crop of new tunes, including ones from Sabaton, The Ferrymen, Axenstar, Gloryhammer, Wind Rose, Maerzfeld, Municipal Waste, Tungsten, Lacuna Coil & Týr

Show #264

New tunes from Frozen Crown, Metalite, Texas Hippie Coalition, Kissin' Dynamite, Rhapsody of Fire & Turilli/Lione Rhapsody plus much more

Show #263

Fresh new tunes from the likes of: Tungsten, The Dark Element, Waterland, Dragonforce, Wind Rose, Lagerstein, Borknagar, Korpiklaani & Nine Treasures