Show #227

New tunes from Lion’s Share, Stratovarius, Mongol, MaYaN, Slipknot, Skálmöld, Striker, Primal Fear & Them

Show #226

Nw tunes from Gama Bomb, Stratovarius, Mongol, Chthonic, Dragony & Nothgard

Show #225

New stuff from the likes of Axxis, Skálmöld, Chthonic, Alkonost, Dragony, Gama Bomb, Powerwolf and Evil Scarecrow

Show #224

New tunes from Stratovarius, Gama Bomb, Parasite Inc., Axxis, Leatherjacks, Warrel Dane, Omnium Gatherum, Eisbrecher and Megaherz

Show #223

New tunes from Victorious, Evil Scarecrow, Lullaby For A Unicorn, Kaine, Leatherjacks, Axxis and Stratovarius