Show #236

Great new tunes from Avantasia, Evergrey, Callus, Atorc, Furor Gallico, Gloryful, Hecate Enthroned and more!

Show #235

New tunes from Battle Beast, Evergrey, Overkill, Trollfest, Beast in Black, Vapor Hiemis, Kissin' Dynamite, Forlorn Hope and much more!

Show #234

New ones from Evergrey, Týr, Beast in Black, Korpiklaani, Resurgence, Ancient Bards, Rhapsody of Fire

Show #233

Happy new year! This week featured new tunes from Callus, Warkings, Myrath, Aktarum, Trollfest, Wolfhorde, Frosttide, Brymir, Veonity, Frozen Land and Nightrage

Show #232

New singles from Nothgard, Children Of Bodom, Frosttide, Brymir, Furor Gallico, Avantasia and more,