Show #270

New tunes from Die Krupps, Nibiru Ordeal, The Dark Element, Rage, Great Master, Running Wild, Abigail Williams, Magic Kingdom, Suidakra and Gyze

Show #269

New tracks from King Diamond, Vogelfrey, Hevisaurus, Acid Reign, Vision Divine, Ancient Bards, The Dark Element, Metalite & Follow The Cipher

Show #268

Fresh tracks from Powerwolf, Rumahoy, Lindemann, Lord, Rammstein, Wilderun, Lacuna Coil, Existence Depraved, Alkonost and Metsatöll amongst others...

Show #267

New singles from Leaves' Eyes, Rumahoy, Kaine, Kull, Metalite, Running Wild, The Ferrymen, Vogelfrey, Svartby & Borknagar amongst others...

Show #266

New tunes from Lindemann, Brothers Of Metal, Valhalore, Nibiru Ordeal, Amberian Dawn, Battle Beast, Cry For Mercy, Myrath and Rage