Show #293

New tunes from Fireforce, Alkonost, Vhäldemar, Tanzwut, Benighted and more...

Show #292

New songs from Orden Ogan, Bloodbound, Dragony, Blodiga Skald, Enforcer, Accept, Trollfest, Winterage and much more!

Show #291

A new home, and some great new tunes! Including ones from Evergrey, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Sound Of Memories, Dragony, Korpiklaani and more!

Show #290

New tunes from Impavidus, Scardust, Korpiklaani, Blind Guardian, Sabadu, Leatherback, Gama Bomb, Raised By Owls & Ye Banished Privateers

Show #289

New songs from Dragony, Therion, Edenbridge, Moonspell, Einherjer and Fortið