Show #223

New tunes from Victorious, Evil Scarecrow, Lullaby For A Unicorn, Kaine, Leatherjacks, Axxis and Stratovarius

Show #222

New tunes from the likes of Korpiklaani, Starkill, Skálmöld , Hulkoff, Grave Digger, Turmion Kätilöt, Nothgard, Eunomia

Show #221

New ones from Grave Digger, Axxis, Powerwolf, Chthonic, Kamelot

Show #220

New tunes from Korpiklaani, Skálmöld , Dee Snider, Dragonlord and Ultra-Violence.

Show #219

New tracks from Pellek, Parasite Inc., Grave Digger, Feuerschwanz, Follow The Cipher and Alien Weaponry