Show #233

Happy new year! This week featured new tunes from Callus, Warkings, Myrath, Aktarum, Trollfest, Wolfhorde, Frosttide, Brymir, Veonity, Frozen Land and Nightrage

Show #232

New singles from Nothgard, Children Of Bodom, Frosttide, Brymir, Furor Gallico, Avantasia and more,

Show #231

Nw tunes from: Cadence Noir, Beast In Black, Veonity, Children Of Bodom, Kalmah, Stratovarius, Frozen Land, Frozen Crown, Rhapsody of Fire, U.D.O., Warkings and of course, a little bit of Christopher Bowes and His Plate of Beans

Show #230

New tunes from Evergrey, Warkings, Powerwolf, Striker, Sigh, Chthonic, Them, Axxis, Thrashatouille & Reaper

Show #229

New songs from Trollfest, Blaze Bayley, Orion’s Reign, Evil Scarecrow & Dragony