Show #326

Upcoming and new tunes from Sabaton, Battle Beast, Power Paladin, Verikalpa and many more...

Show #325

New stuff from The Ferrymen, Amorphis, Rhapsody Of Fire, Aephanemer, Wizardthrone, Stahlmann, Kissin' Dynamite, Lordi and Tailgunner...

Roadie Takeover Show

All the Roadie's favourite songs in this special show!

Show #324

New stuff from Skeletoon, Blind Guardian, Serious Black, Striker, Manimal, Tankard, Space Chaser, Metsatoll, Lion's Share, The Halo Effect, Bodom After Midnight, Lordi, Accept and Hammerfall.

Show #323

New songs from Lordi, Battle Beast, Exodus, Above The Stars, Saxon, Accept, Eoten, Rhapsody Of Fire, The Ferrymen and Black Label Society lead the way...