Show #279

Farewell for now, but we're bowing out with some new tunes from Grave Digger, Almanac, Ex Deo, Wolf, Naglfar, Cirith Ungol, Crimson Shadows, Crematory, Testament and Feuerschwanz...

Show #278

New tunes from Æther Realm, Nightwish, Leatherjacks, Black Swan, Nils Patrik Johannson, Testament, Hulkoff & Turmion Kätilöt

Scarfoot Special

Special guests Scarfoot join us in the studio to talk M2TM and we play new tunes from Demons & Wizards, Drakum, Verikalpa and Static-X

PentreFest Takeover Show

Fozzy & Beany are in the house! We've got tracks by ALL the PentreFest bands, PLUS new tunes from Absolva & Ross The Boss too!

Show #277

New songs from Nightwish, Asenblut, Testament, Absolva, Blaze Bayley, Lordi, Amberian Dawn, Ravenword, Drakum & Skar