Classic logo T-shirt

May 30, 2021


Thanks to the brilliant Marc & Nici of CORROSIVE MERCH, we now have some limited edition T-shirts for sale.

These Gildan Heavy range soft cotton T-shirts are ideal for gigs, lounging at home or bringing the BRUTAL with you wherever you go.

Each T-shirt is printed with the classic Powerzone 'hazard symbol' on the front, and the reverse features the Powerzone logo across the shoulders, accompanied by the stacked words 'BRUTAL METAL RADIO' in a complementary font.

At the base on the back is the printed with our website address, and although in this world of touchscreens, you might be tempted to press it, don't. It might land you in some harassment hot water, but it certainly won't take you to the website. No, it's there so you can wear your cutoff (or battle jacket) and still show people that your the coolest person at the gig, because you listen to POWERZONE.

The Unisex T-Shirts are available in a timeless BLACK colour with 'hazard yellow' detailing, or a bold, golden YELLOW with the print in black, ideal for standing out in a sea of darkness. The sizes are:

Adult Small to 5XL in Black
Adult Small to 3XL in Yellow

Prices are from £10, although larger sizes (3XL and up) do cost 50p extra. There is a flat fee of £4.50 for delivery, and delivery times may vary depending on stock levels, which we will keep you informed about.

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