A thank you...

Dec. 15, 2020

Well, here's a long overdue blog post. And it's going to be a quick one!

The reason I don't post very often (aside from posting the shows, of course) is that i'm a full time writer. When writing is your bread and butter, you tend to see it as a chore when you aren't getting paid for it. A silly attitude, I know, but a good excuse for laziness.

So why this post? Well, actually, I feel compelled to write it to say a BIG thank you to Dave Stout. Dave has been listening to the show and corresponding with us for a long time, supporting us with help with jingles too. And now he's sent us these awesome pictures, which are absolutely outstanding. I mean, check them out below!

We love our fans. Seriously, every listener is special to us. Lots of you have stuck with us for years, and tbh, we aren't totally sure why. We're not exactly professionals. But you guys are the reason that we do the show, and will continue to do so. Things like sending in fan art really blows our mind, so once again, thank you to Dave, and to all of you for listening!



Fanart Greyscale.jpeg


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