New beginnings

June 7, 2018


Things are starting to take shape here at POWERZONE HQ, and we’ve decided to switch to a new platform to host our shows on, at the suggestion of our hosts, The Wyrd. So it’s bye bye Soundcloud, hello Mixcloud!

Mixcloud appears to be a very user friendly way to upload radio shows. We stick the show on there and upload a playlist, and we can set the start times of all the shows, so if you’re sick of hearing our voices (unlikely, I know!) you can skip straight to your favourite tunes. There’s even a few different view options, and bands should get paid per listen too, so it seems pretty good! Give it a go- create a free account on and follow Gentlemenofmetal (thats me) and you should get all future shows available for streaming with ease.

For those of you who used to listen to the show through TuneIn Radio, we’re working behind the scenes to get POWERZONE featured on there again too. Bear with us on that one.

Cheers! -GoM


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