Ever Metal

Ever watching, ever listening, that's their motto. And it's true too! These guys really know their metal, so we're pleased to be associated with them. Reviews, news, and some superb gig photography comes your way daily from Ever Metal, they work hard to collate and promote the best that metal has to offer.

Having met Rick, Beth & Dawn from their growing team, I can confirm that they are some of the loveliest people in the scene too!

Check out their website HERE, and/or give them a follow on their FACEBOOK page. You won't regret it!


NEW Metal Productions

The guys from North East Wales Metal Productions are great at promoting local bands and putting on excellent gigs. We're very lucky to have been invited along to many gigs to review bands for them, and have been involved judging for the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses tournament which NEW Metal Productions have resurrected for the North Wales area. If you see a gig with their name attached to it, it's a mark of quality! Contact them on FACEBOOK if you're local and want a gig or tickets to a local show!