The Gentleman of Metal


Visionary. Quick-witted. Good at thinking of adjectives. None of these things apply when referring to the GoM. What started out as a tongue-in-cheek nickname for the man responsible for bringing POWERZONE to the masses has stuck, and his real name is lost somewhere out there in the mists of time. (Although if you dig around a little, you'll probably find it. Hell, you don't have to even dig, just brush the dust away.) So what DO we know about the GoM? Well, he's well spoken, hence the nickname. He's bearded, long-haired and leads a most unhealthy lifestyle. POWERZONE started as a hobby to him, something to bring his love of obscure metal to others and y'know, get him out of the house for a bit. He is married to the Lady of Metal, who has been known to guest on the show during those infrequent pre-recordings. He has a daughter who he loves very much and spends much time trying to keep her on the METAL path rather than silly pop music- no mean feat in this day and age when that crap is force fed to children from birth.

Joe, 'The Roadie'


The Roadie is a POWERZONE mainstay- joining GoM in the studio from about show 25, Joe does his best to keep GoM in check and on topic, forcing GoM to think on his feet and fill in the silences. The Roadie picks a VOLT track every week and introduces it. He has a nervous tick which makes him bow when the Lady of Metal's name is mentioned (he's mildly terrified of her, with good reason) and he does NOT obey the strict studio rule of "No farting in the bloody studio Joe!" much to the gentlemans ire. He's the butt of many of the shows recurring jokes, but takes them with good humour and occasionally gets one back. Joe is also a fan favourite, for some reason. Smells faintly of cabbage (one for Theme Hospital fans, there).

Other team members in brief:



A man of mystery, he actually brings chat and some interesting topics of conversation. Generally shows up for landmark shows.

The Beard


Currently exiled in the Emerald Isle, the Beard was once a human, but has morphed into a large beard with some human parts. This impediment does not stop him going out and interviewing bands on behalf of POWERZONE though, and he has chatted with some fantastic musicians for the show, such as Tobias Sammet, the guys from Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Sabaton & more. He's also responsible for this neat homepage, cheers Beard!

The Lady of Metal


Married to the GoM, she's clearly one lucky gal. More metal than you can shake a stick at, this lovely lady helped to bring BRUTAL to the people, recording POWERZONE shows with the GoM when he was bed-bound after an operation and still making guest appearances when recording is necessary. Ratings go up when she's on the air!



The evil genius responsible for the Powerzone logos, profile images and jingles. He edits and does various ad-hoc duties that the GoM simply isn't prepared to learn how to do. Thanks, Adam!

So now you've met the team, why not give us a listen? Click the Shows link and enjoy something from one of our back catalogues!