Here at Powerzone, we like our features. We also like puns, and luckily we can combine the two nicely on the show. For the most part, they are pretty self-explanatory, but to avoid confusion, here is a list of our features old and new and a little about what we actually do when we air them.

METAL KOMBAT - The most well known of the features- Metal Kombat is a worldwide battle of the bands competition! We pick a band from up to 16 different countries, and draw them against each other in a 1 v 1 format. We play one song from each band and listeners vote for which band was the best, the winner goes through to face another winner and so on until we have an ultimate champion. Past winners include Sabaton, Eternal of Sweden, Fogalord and Hammerforce.

EPIC TRACK - Usually a nice big, long song. We've played tracks up to about 15 minutes long in this feature!

VOLT TRACK - Joe's choice, he picks one every week. No theme, just pure METAL. Notice the punny name. (Formerly called Masterclass Of Metal)

OVERLOAD! - Three tracks in a row from a particular genre or country. (formerly called Triple Threat)

POWERED DOWN - An acoustic track. (Formerly called Metalheadz Unarmed)

LIVEWIRE - As the name suggests, it's a live track. (Formerly called Metalheadz Live)

WATT YEAR? - A guess the year competition. 3 tracks which were all released in the same year, listeners guess.

FOLK OFF - 30 mins+ of pure folk metal!

POWER UP! - 30 mins+ of totally power metal!

JOLLY ROGERED - 30 mins+ of fun pirate-themed metal!

THRASH ONE OUT - A collection of thrash metal songs in a row

COVERZONE - A random metal cover song or two. (Formerly called Cover Of The Week)

CIVIL WAR - A prelude to Metal Kombat, Two bands from the same country compete against each other for listeners votes in the same format as Metal Kombat, the winner goes through to represent their country.

BATTLE ACROSS TIME - A new and an old song are played from the same band, listeners choose their favourite. (Formerly called Powering Through Time/Powering Through The Years)

CHEESE SANDWICH - 2+ cheesy power metal songs melted together for listeners guilty pleasure.

POWERFEST - 3+ live tracks in a row, a fantasy festival feature.

ROADIE ROULETTE - A track picked from a blind selection. GoM puts 4 random tracks in 4 different folders. 3 of the tracks are dodgy covers, the other is a metal masterpiece! The roadie doesn't know which tracks are available and picks one of the folders each week, we play whatever track is in that folder as the ending song to the show. The folders are refilled and randomised each week, and are labelled: Polonium, Tungsten, Erbium, Zinc (all heavy metals with the chemical symbols Po W Er Zn- get it? Thanks to Aaron for this).

BEAST MODE - This one is for the listen again-ers. 3 mid-paced tracks in a row with a nice steady beat to inspire your workout down at the gym. Inspired by the gym in this town that shares our name.

We hope this clears things up for you. If you have any suggestions for features, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us via our facebook page, which you can access HERE. -GoM