Radio is dying. Mainstream 'pop' music is choking the life from it, with its glamour, greed and "celebrity". Its bleeps and farts. Its soul-crushing, anti-music "experts" are sat on commissioning panels, hard at work picking the next 'hit' for the unthinking majority in an endless cycle of shite. It doesn't have to be that way.

Thankfully, there are some radio stations that have the foresight and the open-mindedness to address this situation, by allowing more METAL on the air! .After 8 years, our host station, Calon FM was shut down. Thankfully, we are able to continue bringing the brutal to you over on our new, specialist rock and metal station Scotland Rocks Radio!

You can presently listen to Powerzone on the following stations:

Scotland Rocks Radio - 9pm (UK), Saturday night

POWERZONE prides itself on being different. We play things most other shows would baulk at. Power metal, Folk metal, Black metal, Death metal, Thrash, Viking, Symphonic, the list goes on.

A lot of hard work goes into producing a successful POWERZONE show, so as you can tell, we put very little effort into each one. Just kidding; of course, we spend many hours listening to and picking all the best metal tracks from across the globe. We’ve partnered with some huge record labels, including Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, Napalm Records, SPV, Century Media and others, so we get albums for review and release first, which means often we can premier huge new singles before other mainstream stations. We also get invited to a huge number of gigs and offers of interviews, which often we don’t have enough time to attend. If you live in the UK and Ireland, and you fancy some of this action, leave us a message on our Facebook page and we’ll discuss.

Do you want POWERZONE to feature on YOUR radio station? Drop me an email, we'll be happy to talk! -GoM